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Top 5 best music application to download free music on Android

Top 5 best music application to download free music on Android

You would have heard “Where words stop, music speaks”. And if you are the one who loves to listen to music all the times, then you need to read this article. Because, in this article, you can find the top 5 music application to download music free in 2018.

You know the best thing about Android OS; you can install any applications, if you do not like the built-in applications. And this only thing had made Nokia lose everything; they could not adopt the change and deny providing the freedom what provided iPhone in the first decade of 2000.

So, read the post and decide which application will suit you, we also provide the download link to listed apps as well.

Pandora Application:

Pandora is a free application, which provides you the free music to listen to. Enter your favorite artist name, singer name, composer name, and get all the songs of that search terms.

You even can rate the songs, and bookmark the songs what you have discovered to listen and liked.

Best user-interface, with clean navigations, and provide the option to listen to the songs or download. If you got very weak internet, this application will still work fine you.

Get this application on Google Play store, and install on your Android OS. It is also compatible with the iOS, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, Nook, and Windows as well.

Music Paradise:

One of my favorite application, I found this application very much interesting and full of the latest features.

This Music Paradise application, synchronize all the songs that are stored already on your phone with the media player.

It is completely legal to download Music from this application; there is a huge database of this application. And in my opinion, you can find every song on this application.

Download Music Paradise application and install it on your device, and start downloading your favorite songs.

Music Ocean APK:

This application also works fine, if you want to download dozens of the songs at one time.

Music ocean application also provides the option to stream the songs online and can download the songs as well.

Plus, by using this application, one can tune to any of the radio channels.

Search any songs on this platform, download songs, synchronize your all songs, and make your favorite setting accordingly your taste.

If you got old soul within you, then this platform will be proved heaven, as most of the Classical song can be downloaded from this application, download Music Ocean APK and start exploring the app.

Shazam music application:

Shazam is very cool music application, to listen to the free music and to download.

You are only required to search the song- this app will fetch any of the songs for you.

Plus Shazam application gives you the freedom to share your favorite songs on social media websites. One even can download videos on YouTube, and get to know the information of every song.

Provide feedback on every song, add your friends in the conversations, and make them listen to that favorite song of you.

Spotify music application:

Spotify is an awesome application, you can have this app on your mobile phone as well as on desktop computer as well. And synchronize all the songs from desktop to mobile phone and vice versa.

You can find your favorite songs there, add them to your music library and play the songs again and again.

You can get in touch with your favorite music channel, and whenever the channel releases the song, you can get a notification and have that song on your home screen.


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