Bangkok is synonymous with crowds of tourists, trade shows, traffic, street food, tuk tuk and heat, lots of heat. Although it seems to be an endless chaos, there is MUCH to do in Bangkok with relative tranquility. Forgetting for a moment that the most beloved places in Thailand are the paradisiacal beaches and the bustling islands of the country, we will see the possibilities of tours in this peculiar city.

Anyway, let’s go … For being a capital with more than 9 million inhabitants, arranging what to do in Bangkok is easy, difficult is to choose.

If you do not have much time to stay in the city, three days are enough to get to know the main attractions. Here are some suggestions in this post, see if you like!

1) Royal Palace:

The Royal Palace complex is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in Bangkok. Crowds of tourists, vendors at the door, taxi drivers and tuk tuk trying to fool us, all prove this. Above all, it is the grandeur of this place that, more than a royal palace, is a complex of temples, golden domes, buddhas in stone and gilded, statues of warriors that protect this site from an architecture of traces oriental, but pleasant

2) What pho:

Although the Royal Palace is the largest temple complex in Bangkok, the largest and most impressive Buddha remains right in What Pho. Located not far from the Royal Palace, it is in this temple that we will find the golden giant Buddha lying down. The size of the lord is imposing, being a real challenge to capture it in a reliable photo of the real immensity.

3) Boat trip:

One thing that even one who spends a day or two in Bangkok notices immediately is the infernal traffic of the city. One of the best ways to avoid it is not tuc tucs but catching the boats, which make regular runs along the banks of the Cha Phraya River. As well as being convenient, especially for those who travel between the Backpackers area on Khao San Road, the Temples and Chinatown area, this boat trip offers incredible views on both sides of Bangkok with its skyscrapers and temples and all activity along the river. For those who have a little more time, it is possible to take a private boat tour through the narrower canals of Bangkok, on the side of Thon Buri, where you can observe closely the daily life of people who live right on the waterfront.

4) Chinatown:

Bangkok began as a village of Chinese merchants, having only become capital of Thailand in 1767, when the seat of government moved from Ayutaya, north of Bangkok. It is not surprising, then, that there is still a large Chinese community today, and that, as in many cities around the world, it will be grouped together in a China Town, characterized by the great luminous panels in Neon, bizarre shops, and all the shambles and exoticism of a Chinese neighborhood. Losing yourself through the narrow alleyways during the day and going to dinner at one of the many Chinese restaurants in the evening is certainly of the things to do in Bangkok

5) Khao San Road:

If there is a place in the world that can be considered the Mecca of Backpackers, then this place is Khao San Road. Here we can find anything and everything for backpackers, from sleeping for almost nothing, drink by little, and food for nothing! There are massages, travel agencies, copies of books, music and movies, backpacks and counterfeit clothing at prices we can bargain for. There are still driving licenses, student cards, no questions asked. There is, above all, a lot of partying in the evening, when all the travelers return from their excursions to Bangkok and surroundings and want to party, properly accompanied by the Thais who come here with a hectic and intoxicating environment. To not lose.

6) Pat Pong Market:

The Pat Pong Market’s reputation for the world is fake rolex and Ping Pong shows. (Ping Pong?) Well, do not go into too many graphic details, imagine a strip tease bar turned into a kind of circus where girls perform all sorts of tricks with their … ..) If there is a place that puts the decadent in Bangkok is this (although there are others clear!). But it is obligatory part of who comes to this city for the first time, even if it is to do some shopping! (attention, this is the place where you have to haggle aggressively.) At an initial price of 1000 you answer 100, and then go away, to get a sense of the true price, being chased by the seller with successively lower prices!)

7) Downtown Bangkok:

The Siam Center or any other modern commercial center is a good place to see how Bangkok, alongside the old, poorer, more traditional, more touristy, is a big world city in its own right, and that the Bangkokians may be modern, elegant and that in many things life here is not much different in a large Western city. To get in touch with this world, just take the MRT and above all the SkyTrain (the surface metro, which crosses the city on a continuous bridge) and go towards the modern center of Bangkok, the Siam area, where you can enter in the Siam Center or in the Central World, two giant shopping centers, with the best known and good world brands stores, people watching and shopping if budget allows.

8) Chatuchak Market:

Named the largest open-air market in the world, Chatuchak is a weekend market, all day long, offering everything from clothing designers, fake goods, furniture, decorations, souvenirs, pets … all! Count on a good day if you want to explore it in full, although at the end of a few hours you will certainly be exhausted! Ideally select in advance what you want to see, come in the morning, as early as 10am, and take a break for lunch in the excellent Or Tor Kor market.

After exploring Bangkok, my next destination will be traveling to Copenhagen. In my upcoming edition I will share everything that I will explore in the beautiful city of Copenhagen.


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