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Easy and Simple ways to learn times tables

Hey Everyone! Today I’m going to share some easy ways to learn times tables, I’ve seen many kids suffering to learn them and even when I was a kid I used to find them too difficult. So I thought I should write about it and guide you that how can you learn time tables without any difficulty.

I hope this post will be helpful to many of you, maybe for yourself or for your kids but I’m sure this is going to help! We shouldn’t waste any more time and start discussing our topic.

How to learn times tables without any difficulty?

I know this question just came up in your mind! Your life will be a lot easier when you learn the times tables, the best way to memorize them is to have some tricks up your sleeves. That’s what I’m going to do; I’ll provide some useful tips and tricks for you to memorize the tables. Stay with me!

There are many tables, but the tables you must learn are only 12! Believe me they’re not as hard as they look, you can easily memorize them with using some mind.

The two main ways of easily learning tables are mentioned below:

  • Reading over the table again and again can help you to learn and memorize them.
  • Exercising and practicing with your math trainer helps a lot! You can also ask the trainer questions about table right on the spot.

So these were the simple methods, now let’s move on to the tips and tricks I’m going to share!

  • Order of the numbers doesn’t matter:

First of all, you should know that the order doesn’t matters, whether it’s 7×8 or 8×7 the answer remains 56. Got it? No? Let me give examples!

  1. 3×5=15 5×3 is equals to 15 too.
  2. 6×7=42 7×6 is equals to 42 too.

I think you got it now! This thing is seriously very important; it almost cuts the half job of learning the table.

  • Learn the tables slowly!

There’s no need to rush to learn a table, you can’t just learn it in seconds, and it requires determination and memorizing power and some patience too. tunestimestables.com is a great place for kids to learn their times tables

Try to learn the first 5 tables on your first day; don’t rush directly to the 12th table. It’s difficult to learn all the 12 tables in a single day, believe me!  But still you should know that first 10 tables are a piece of cake. The rest 2 tables are hard to memorize. Try to play some multiplication games on Google. You’ll find them interesting and math will be a sweet dish for you, LOL!


I hope so that I provided you some valuable information above there, don’t forget to share us! In the upcoming articles we will discuss about the 11th and the 12th table that why I find them difficult and why they are different. I hope after this article you know that how to learn times tables without facing any difficulty and you no longer find them difficult.

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