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How to decorate your house with led strips

The decoration with LED strips is a magnificent way to print a touch of style, luminosity and elegance to your home without a high economic cost and with low energy consumption. And, this decoration is increasingly fashionable, especially on Christmas, because they allow you to highlight the environments, decorate any space or inaccessible corner and change the style of your home.

With the LED strips you can also change the color of a space, since they offer you a diversity of colors, such as white, warm, dim light as well as many others, with adjustable lighting levels.

Decoration with led strips


1-     Led on stairs

We assure you that the decoration of your stairs or corridors will be very different if you include this element. You can place the strips attached to the edge of the ladder, above the baseboard, or even on the railing. You will see how the image of your ladder changes completely.

2-     Night light for your bedroom

It is usual to find in some design houses touches of style, which are given by a line of decorative light in spaces such as the headboard of the bed, the area of the tables, or as in the case we propose, at the base of this. That simple touch of light at night will completely change the aesthetics of your bedroom and allow you to have an alternative light to the traditional bedside lamps.

3-     Mirrors with more light

It is very fashionable to place a led strip around a mirror, and this is due to the great change they experience, highlighting their geometric shapes and details. Get your entrance or bathrooms offer a much more cozy and glamorous by placing around led lighting. We recommend using LED strips in these spaces, especially if you want to enhance the warmer tones.

4-     More stylish kitchens

Lately, a room that has succumbed to the lighting with LED strips is the kitchen, and is that, place under the furniture, countertop or central island a led strip, offers a completely new and modern image of this space. You will enjoy an indirect light throughout the kitchen without having to turn the lights on and off every time you enter.

led strips

5-     LED lights in gardens

You can also create a space of rest and leisure in your garden, placing in the pots and furniture a touch of light of different colors. You will create an ideal chill out space for meetings or dinners, which will delight your guests.

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In short, if you are thinking of decorating your home and give it a new and bright style, nothing better than LED strips. These will offer you great versatility and adaptability, low energy consumption and very little economic expense, and will make your home look cozy and very stylish.

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