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Why You Should Choose Ajman Free Zone to Start a Small Business

There are a lot of things that one should know before conducting a business setup in Dubai. It is advisable that a businessman should make a research on each Emirate and the free zones that each offers.

Ajman as One of UAE’s Free Zones

Industry-specific zones always swarm the country with its benefits and opportunities that greatly help investors in grasping their goals and growing their business. Since the country is known to have these industry-specific zones, they also have distinct advantages that are being experienced by their clients.

Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) is a free economic area with numerous benefits in its sleeves. Startups and investors looking to have fruitful businesses can count on this free zone to help them as they go forward. With this, Ajman Free Zone company formation is definitely increasing in number for the past years.

Advantages of Having Ajman Free Zone Business Setup

Start a Small Business

Trade License Smooth Processing

Everybody wants to operate as soon as possible, and the AFZ ensures that this happens to every client that they have. With a swift processing approach of the Ajman free zone license of every business, this is one of the reasons that AFZ is seen as one of the best free zones in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to conduct a business setup.

Once you registered with the required complete and correct documents, your trade license can easily be in your hands in just a day. In two days, you can simply start operating in the AFZ.

Affordable Costs

Ajman Free Zone business setup means that you are setting up a business in a cost-effective place. The amount that you will have to spend in this free zone to set up a business is reasonable regardless of what size your firm is.

AFZ is especially for companies that are small and medium in size as they help them to find their ground and grow right there.

Strategic Location

AFZ is considered to have a strategic location. Companies that deal with import and export trade are specifically encouraged to have their business setup in Ajman since the Emirate is linked through road, air, and water.

The Dubai International Airport and Sharjah Airport are also easily accessed from this Emirate. The four major seaports that this Emirate is close to are Ajman Port, Port Rashid, Khorfakkan Port, and Port Khalid.

Every Business Type is Welcome

The AFZ is catering to almost all kinds of trading activities that investors are into, making Ajman Free Zone company formation happening more than ever. Unlike other zones in the UAE, the AFZ authority gives businessmen industrial and professional license. Because of this, this is definitely one of the free zones that investors should put in their list of free zones to consider.

To find out more about AFZ like this additional list of benefits of Ajman Free Zone Business Setup, check here:

  • 100% ownership of foreign investors
  • 100% return on profit
  • Income tax exemption
  • Corporate tax exemption
  • Inexpensive prices of power and electricity
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure
  • Sponsor Dependency
  • Economical lease rents
  • Zero duty tax on import and export
  • Lower nationality issues

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