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What is Blogging and How to Start a Blog?

Well, there’s this big question that I’ve heard from majority of people that how can we start a new blog and how blogging is done, So, Today I thought to write about blogging and tell you all about blogging that how it’s done and what are the benefits of blogging. First of all, you need to choose a CMS (Content Management System), there are many of them available and I’ve listed the most famous ones below:

  • WordPress
  • Blogspot
  • Joomla

Let’s start discussing it in depth!


Starting your First Blog

If you ask me that what’s blogging then I’ll simply say that “If you want to explain something you love and you want to introduce it to the world with the help of words, that’s what we call blogging”. Got it? By loving something I mean if you’re a gamer then you can make a blog related to games and spread your favorite games to the world, do you know that blogging is same as a book? You can explain your words to the world through blogging.

Blogging is the way to pass your thoughts to the world, it’s the only way on the internet to raise voice against anything, there are many more things that come into blogging and you can read them at blogging.org!

Well, have you decided yet that on what topic you’re going to make a new blog? If NO, then let me give you some ideas. Make a blog related to your profession i.e. if you’re a doctor then make a blog and try to give home remedies or home treatments or maybe medicine ideas on that blog. Not only it will help your user but it can also give you some bucks, put some quality ads on your blog and you’re good to go.


Hosting and Domain

You can start blogging without any cost with Blogspot or WordPress but that will give you the sub-domain i.e. “yourdomain.blogspot.com”. If you can invest some bucks then I would prefer to buy a good hosting and domain, you can search more about it on Google.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization! I won’t discuss this in depth but you can say that it’s the most important part in blogging, if you want to spread your blog to the world and you want that your blog becomes a brand then you must do SEO of your blog. Well if I put it simply then SEO is the method of ranking your blog on top of the Google search. SEO includes many crucial factors that are necessary to rank your blog.

Let me give a good example of that “If your blog is a car then SEO is the fuel of it”. I think this is the easiest example I can give, you just simply can’t make your blog a brand if you’re not doing SEO of it. I’ve mentioned some basic factors of SEO; Though, I won’t cover them in depth.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

There are sub-factors of these but as I said I won’t go in-depth, that was enough to let you know about blogging.

Wrapping Up

I hope after this article you know that what’s blogging and how can you do it, start it today and make a blog on what you love; you will be successful one day!

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