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A Closer Look at the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

A Closer Look at the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

Now that Intel has released a third generation of high speed CPUs, Ivy Bridge, we saw abundance of fresh arrivals of Ultrabook Models on the market. This was quite a great thing, especially because previously, companies did not have too many good attempts of creating slim, ultra-portable notebooks.

When choosing a new ultrabook, you might find it a bit difficult to select a model from all the ones available. Manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, for instance, provide a lot of models and are the main competitors right now.

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However, even as Samsung for sure is a strong competitor in the Smartphone and tablet category, to Apple and all others, in such a way that Apple and Samsung are fighting it legally in the courts, Samsung is also doing its utmost to provide its own new generation computers, such as the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook

There is a very strong competition between the two companies and it seems that lately, Samsung has started taking some tokens off of Apple’s table. It’s a good thing though, since an increased degree of competition will provide more and more efficient products, at a better price for the final users.

It’s quite promising to invest a total of 33,000 hours of intense research and development just for the design and the crafting of its 3rd gen Core powered models, when its two new designs are in the 13 -15 inch category and also when each Core is i5 and i7 processors on order to be efficient for people who may like to combine and match between size, performance and worth.

Main Specs Overview

Product Name Samsung Series 9 NP900X3A-A03US
CPU type Intel Core i5-3317U
OS Microsoft Windows
Display size 13.3 inch
Weight 1160 g


The basic design philosophy for the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, is to deliver the final product in a thin singly crafted shell body. Hence, the Series 9 is designed such that all components are fitted to perfection.

The model is quite revolutionary, in terms of engineering, design and configuration; basically everything is absolutely stunning. It’s thin, nicely designed and eye catching.

Samsung presents the “Maxscreen” new technology, allowing to use a compact chassis. This new method allowed Samsung to make the screen bigger, with up to one inch, while minimizing the chassis edges.

In addition, the sandblasted body finish prevents fingerprints to stay on the computer, which gives it another plus when it comes to aesthetics, because fingerprints would definitely make the device look bad and cheap.

Next we can compare are the stats which facilitate to underline the extra slimness and ultra-light-weight feature of  the two Series 9 ultrabooks, with the 13 inch model measuring about 12.9mm, with only 1.16kg and the 15 inch one measuring 14.9mm and weighing 1.59kg.


Samsung came with an upgrade to increase speed, with the new Series 9 “Fast Solutions” technology giving the needed speed up, whereas the “HD+ Super Bright Plus” screen includes a “reflective resistant display, which helps it provide a crisp view, even when used outdoors”.

You’ll additionally get 8GB of RAM memory and a 128 GB SSD that, if you were to open up the computer case, you’d be surprised to see that it is as “large” as a coin.

Finally, there’s an outsized multi-touch track pad, though this one includes a fancy glass finish and image sensor, also enhancements to settings and an enclosed utility software package are designed tto make things easier for the user every time.


The only factor that isn’t so good is the pricing that for these premium items is way more than the average $500-$700 “cheap” notebooks, whereas still being within the same price range as most different premium Ultrabooks in the market, where ever they come from doesn’t matter.

That means you ‘ll be expected to pay a price of around $1000 for the 13.3inch Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook, whereas the 15 incher will be available for a bit more than that.

Hopefully, as competition increases, we will also see some more price cutting on these high end models, so they can be more accessible to a wider range of users.


In the end, if you are trying to upgrade to at least one of the various current Ultrabooks, it’s simple to say that, amongst the other major rival contenders, several with distinctive and fascinating features all their own, that Samsung’s Series 9 ought to positively be at the top of your list of Ultrabooks to consider buying.

We can still think about what Apple might release with their new upcoming Macbook models, however, at the moment, the Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook is a definite model to consider, due to its very thin construction, ingenious and fascinating design, that catches the eye of anyone, but also due to its very good configuration, that tops a lot of competitors, including the Air. It’s a pricey model, but if you have the funds to buy an ultrabook, then the Samsung might be a very good choice to make.

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